Create your own custom iPhone text screenshot

How to make a custom iPhone text screenshot

The following are the instructions of how to make a custom iPhone text screenshot with iPhoneTextClone.com:

Step 1: Name

This section allows you to enter the name of the contact that the phone's user is texting. You could also just enter the digits of a phone number. Examples: Brett Favre, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Tiger Woods.

Step 2: Network

The network name of the carrier will be displayed in the top left of the screenshot image. Current options are: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Extended.

Step 3: Conversation

First, select whether the text will be TO the contact or FROM the contact. Then type in the message that you want to appear in that bubble. If it is TO the contact, the text will appear on the right side of the text message screenshot in a green bubble (blue bubble if iOS 5 is enabled). If it is FROM the contact, the text will appear on the left side of the text message screenshot in a white bubble.

To add another text bubble, simply click the green "+ Add New Text" button.

Step 4: Create Image

Simply Click the big green "Create Image" button to generate the image with the settings and options that you specified.

Optional Steps: Advanced Settings

Click the "Advanced Settings" heading button to drop down the Advanced Settings menu to fully customize the look and features of your custom iPhone text message screenshot.

iOS 5 (iMessage)

To enable the iOS 5 iMessage (What is an iMessage?) display for your screenshot, simply check this option in the Advanced Settings menu. The default option is normal text messages.


The default option is the current Pacific Standard Time (PST) time zone time. You can manually select the time by selecting the "Manual Time" option and then choosing the time you want displayed. This will appear in the top center of the screenshot.

Signal Strength

The default option is 5 bars. You can select between 1 - 5 bars of signal strength with this option. This will appear in the top left of the fake iphone text message screenshot.

Battery Level

The default option is 75%. You can manually change this by selecting any other level in the "Battery Level" selection in the Advanced Menu. This will appear as a number value, as well as, a battery meter level in the top right of your custom text screenshot.

Black Out Name

If enabled, this option will put a Black Bar over the name of the contact in order to keep the text message contact anonymous.

For the most realistic looking custom iPhone text screenshot, use iPhoneTextClone.com

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