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What is an iMessage?

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An iMessage is Apple's new addition to the iPhone's messaging app. iMessages let you send text messages to other iOS 5 devices (What is iOS 5?) as data instead of an SMS message. This allows for iOS 5 users to save on their SMS count and text messaging bills. It can be closely compared to 'BlackBerry Messaging'.

How does the iMessage Work?

iMessage works by detecting whether or not your contact also is using iMessaging. More specifically, it automatically checks to see if they have an Apple ID associated with their device (iPhone, iPad, iTouch, or other Apple Product) as well as having the iOS 5 upgrade. If they do, the app will send it as an iMessage instead of the usual text message. This means that if you are sending text messages with an other iOS 5 user, there is no SMS charge associated with the messaging. It is merely treated as an additional data transfer.

Additional Features

iMessages provide iOS 5 users with some additional features. These include an organized group messaging system, as well as, letting you know if your message has been read yet.

How to tell whether it's an iMessage or a normal text

You can easily tell whether you are sending iMessages or normal texts by looking at the color of the bubbles containing your messages. iMessages are blue, while normal text messages are green. The incoming messages will always be white, regardless of whether it is an iMessage or a normal text message.

The iPhone Text Clone custom text message generator gives you the option to create either a fake iMessage or fake normal text message in the advanced options section.

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